What is the MRgFUS Treatment?

MR guided Focused Ultrasound is a therapy platform that combines two proven technologies - High intensity focused ultrasound that is guided by Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The high intensity focused ultrasound (FUS) generates heat at the focal point to ablate or burn the uterine fibroid tissue.

The MRI system is the eye of the treatment, enabling the physician to identify and ablate the target easily.

The ultrasound waves can penetrate the skin and reach the uterine fibroid tissue, without any incisions, making the treatment completely non-invasive.

MRgFUS Treatment Advantages

Non-invasive and Safe - There are no cuts or incisions.  There is no need for general anesthesia, no scarring and minimal complications as compared to surgical procedures.

  • Quick recovery - You can expect to go back to normal activities within days.  This treatment is an effective alternative to surgery and hormonal treatments.
  • Uterus and fertility preservation - Your uterus stays intact and so does your fertility. There are several documented cases of post treatment pregnancies, so the treatment is not expected to derail you from your previous family planning.
  • MRgFUS may be considered in patients who seek fertility-sparing options for symptomatic uterine fibroids. Pregnancy in the presence of fibroids carries certain risks, which may include spontaneous abortion, abnormal fetal positioning, and abnormal placentation, postpartum hemorrhage and possible increased risk of cesarean delivery. Limited pregnancy outcome data is available regarding the safety surrounding a pregnancies following the MRgFUS treatment in women desiring pregnancy. You may be at increased risk for complications such as preterm delivery, cesarean delivery, post-delivery bleeding and tearing of the uterus. If you should become pregnant following the MRgFUS treatment you should immediately contact your [doctor]. *Be sure to discuss The MRgFUS Treatment Advantages and Disadvantages with your physician.

MRgFUS Treatment Risks and Side Effects 

  • Short Term  - Low blood pressure, Dizziness, Abdominal pain/cramping, Nausea, Fever, Allergic reactions to contrast media or medications, Minor skin burns, back or leg pain that persists for a few days, Urinary tract infection.
  • Long Term – Abdominal skin burn with ulcerations, back or leg pain or weakness (rare).
  • Outcome Risks – Treatment may not be successful and additional fibroids may grow back with time.  It is important to discuss your case with your physician to make sure you are an optimal candidate for this procedure.

*Be sure to discuss The MRgFUS Treatment Advantages and Disadvantages with your physician.

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